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COVID-19 Technology and Privacy Part II – A Promising Legislative Solution Emerges

In Part I of this mini-series last week, Dayle A. Duran, Esq., CIPP/US articulately described Apple and Google’s COVID-19 contact tracing API. Overall, she concluded that, if used as intended, the technology provides good privacy protections, but flagged that the real privacy risks lie in unintended use and function creep. Recently proposed bipartisan legislation may adequately address these concerns.

COVID-19 TECHNOLOGY AND PRIVACY Part I – Contact Tracing: The Apple | Google API

This is part one of a two-part series focused on COVID-19 contact tracing technology and its implications for US privacy law. The next installment of this series will examine legislative solutions to protect data subjects from misuse of information collected through contact tracing apps and related technologies.

OCR Announces HIPAA Enforcement Discretion for Make-Shift COVID-19 Testing Sites

In line with its other Notices of Enforcement Discretion, OCR announced today that it will not enforce HIPAA rules against healthcare providers and their business associates for HIPAA violations that occur during the good faith operation of a community-based COVID-19 specimen collection and testing site, such as a mobile, drive-through or walk-up site.

CT Public Health Commissioner Suspends State Licensure Requirements for Out-of-State Providers

Yesterday, Connecticut’s Commissioner of Public Health issued an order suspending licensure requirements for certain healthcare providers licensed in other states for a period of 60 days. This order continues to expand access to telehealth opportunities as out of state providers can now provide telehealth services to Connecticut residents.

CT Expands Telehealth via Telephone to Other Providers and Addresses HIPAA Compliance

By executive order late yesterday, Governor Ned Lamont expanded permission to offer “audio-only” telehealth services to commercial insurer’s in-network providers furnishing covered telehealth services. Two days ago, the Governor granted this permission to Medicaid providers serving Medicaid beneficiaries. The Executive Order also addresses licensure and location requirements and conditions for other providers wishing to offer telehealth services. Additionally, the order assures providers that compliance with federal agency guidance on HIPAA is adequate to meet state law.

DHHS Waives Certain Compliance Requirements for Providers

DHHS announced waivers of various compliance requirements for providers to ease administrative and operational burdens during this pandemic. I think the theme here is that providers just need to do the best that they can during these challenging times. Those that prioritize patient care, act reasonably and in good faith and do not commit fraud or abuse will be spared from enforcement actions.