CT Public Health Commissioner Suspends State Licensure Requirements for Out-of-State Providers

On March 23, 2020, Connecticut’s Commissioner of Public Health issued an order suspending licensure, certification and registration requirements for certain healthcare providers for 60 days.  Under this order, providers licensed in other US states or territories can provide services in Connecticut if they fall within one of the following areas or provider types: Emergency Medical Services; Medicine and Surgery; Physical Therapists; Nursing; Nurse’s Aides; Respiratory Care Practitioners; Psychologists; Marital and Family Therapists; Clinical Social Workers and Master Clinical Social Workers; Professional Counselors; Emergency Medical Services Personnel and Pharmacy.

The Governor’s March 19, 2020 Executive Order 7G, which expanded the telehealth services that could be provided by telephone, alluded to an impending order by the Commissioner suspending licensure, certification and registration requirements.  As provided for in the Governor’s order, the Commissioner’s order applies to provision of telehealth services .  Under the order, a qualifying provider can provide services in Connecticut without needing to licensed, certified or registered in Connecticut for the next 60 days provided that:

  • All practitioners only provide services within the scope of practice laws in this state;     
  • Required malpractice or liability insurance is maintained;
  • Entities engaging out-of-state providers must review such providers’ credentials, ensure that they are in good standing in the state in which they are licensed, and confirm insurance coverage;
  • Providers enrolled in Medicaid or fully insured commercial plans must accept reimbursement from those payers as payment in full for the service rendered; and
  • The provider must adhere to limitations on charges for services not covered by Medicaid or through a fully insured commercial plan.