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DMC Law provides client-centered service by being a trusted advisor, understanding our clients’ businesses and goals, and collaborating with skilled, like-minded lawyers to serve our client’s best interest.

Health Privacy

  • Advise on compliance with various state and federal health privacy laws including HIPAA, 42 CFR Part 2 and applicable state laws.
  • Monitor the health privacy regulatory landscape for changes, governmental guidance or enforcement initiatives. and other important developments and counsel clients on the impact of such developments.
  • Respond to state and federal complaints relating to alleged health privacy violations.
  • Investigate health privacy compliance matters, make breach determinations, recommend corrective action and handle breach reporting and notification.
  • Establish health privacy and security compliance programs including drafting and implementing policies and procedures and developing customized education for staff.
  • Train on general compliance as well as targeted areas of need (e.g. minimum necessary, right of access, HIPAA Security Rule, etc.).
  • Assist business associates with establishing HIPAA-compliant policies and processes necessary to do business with healthcare providers and other HIPAA-covered entities.
  • Perform Business Associate Agreement audits.
  • Counsel on subpoena response and prepare providers for testimony.

Healthcare Operations

  • Advise healthcare providers on a broad range of regulatory compliance, risk management, licensure, Medicare and Medicaid, contract, and day-to-day operational issues.
  • Counsel clients on providing telehealth services.
  • Respond to government investigations and inquiries.
  • Represent providers before state and federal administrative agencies.


  • Advise on compliance with various state, federal and international privacy laws.
  • Draft compliant privacy notices/privacy policies for websites and apps as well as terms of use.
  • Provide the full complement of data breach services including breach notification to individuals and various government entities and management of forensic, logistics, PR and other data breach response vendors.
  • Counsel clients on cyber security risks, the creation of information security plans, incident response plans, breach prevention and the development and implementation of policies and procedures.

Research Compliance

  • Assist with planning and preparation of research protocols, informed consents, and other required research documents.
  • Interpret relevant federal and state regulatory requirements and provide guidance on legal and privacy matters related to research projects.
  • Review, draft and offer training on policies, procedures, and forms for compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Advise on research data privacy and sponsor requirements for responsible conduct of research and conflicts of interest.
  • Assist in preparing for audits or monitoring visits by sponsors, or other research oversight committees.

General Counsel

  • Oversee all legal matters for healthcare entities including selection and management of outside counsel when necessary.
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