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A Conversation with IT Direct About the HIPAA Risk Analysis

One of the most common areas of enforcement under HIPAA involves a failure to perform an accurate and thorough risk analysis. Despite the known enforcement history and growing frequency of cybersecurity incidents, lack of compliance with the risk analysis requirement is very common. I sat down with Sammy De La O of IT Direct to get his perspective on performing a risk analysis and addressing the results.

DMC Law and IT Direct Team Up to Offer a 3-Part HIPAA Security and Cybersecurity Webinar

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month!  It’s no secret that healthcare entities and the businesses that serve them are a popular target for cybercriminals – costing millions each year and damaging reputations. In fact, hacking and IT incidents are the leading cause of reported HIPAA breaches.   Healthcare executives need to understand both the risks and […]