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My Incident Response Planning Epiphany

(2 min read) 3:35 AM.  Alarm blaring.  Disoriented, I pop out of bed, reach for my glasses and ask, “what is that?”  “It’s the security alarm” my spouse replies.  For a moment, I was relieved because I feared it was the fire alarm.  For a split second, fire seemed like a better option than an intruder.  After briefly playing out the intruder scenario in my head, the fear returned.

DMC Law and IT Direct Team Up to Offer a 3-Part HIPAA Security and Cybersecurity Webinar

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month!  It’s no secret that healthcare entities and the businesses that serve them are a popular target for cybercriminals – costing millions each year and damaging reputations. In fact, hacking and IT incidents are the leading cause of reported HIPAA breaches.   Healthcare executives need to understand both the risks and […]