HIPAA Right of Access Video Series

DMC Law is launching Privacy Pointers, which features short and informative videos on various privacy topics.  We begin Privacy Pointers with a series of videos on HIPAA’s Right of Access. There are six videos in this series that explore important aspects of the Right of Access.  Each video is no more than 5 minutes in length.

We are releasing the first four videos in the series this week:

  • Introduction to Right of Access
  • Exceptions – Part 1 (Unreviewable Grounds for Denial)
  • Exceptions – Part 2 (Reviewable Grounds for Denial)
  • Handling Requests for Access

At the beginning of April, we will release the final two videos in the series on Personal Representatives and Common Mistakes/Best Practices.  Click the image below to access the HIPAA Right of Access videos.